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The Future of Pet Wellness

veterinarian developed supplements for
dogs & cats

Introducing new easy-to-use daily veterinarian trusted supplements for your pets in three specific formulations

•  Mobility

•  Calming

•  Stop the Itch

All powered by our proprietary natural formulas

Therabis Veterinarian Line For Dogs

Therabis supports specific areas of your pet's health to ensure your dog gets the most out of life. So you can focus on what’s important - thinking about what your dog would sound like if they could speak. Would they sound like Scooby Doo or would they have a British accent?


Therabis Veterinarian Line For Cats

For when your cat is being more withholding than usual, Therabis is the answer. Our health supplements are formulated to help cats keep their cool everyday. They may even stay in one spot long enough to take the cute pic you've been trying to get.

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Natural ingredients and always tested

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Specific concerns and breed size

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easy to use

Simply use one packet or two chews a day

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research driven

Created by a veterinarian

The Brains Behind Therabis

With over 35 years of experience, Dr Katz is a leader in the field. In fact, the motivation to develop Therabis came to Dr. Katz over the years when his clients were distressed about how their pets weren't able to maintain their everyday routines as they aged. With very limited options, Dr. Katz took it upon himself to find better solutions for these pets and their families.

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Full Spectrum Hemp

head of the pack

Of all botanicals currently being studied, hemp has shown the most potential benefit for animal health.

backed by science

Since 2015, we have worked with experts in the field to effectively utilize hemp in all Therabis formulas.

pathways of support

We pair hemp with our active natural ingredients to create easy-to-use supplements that address specific areas of animal health.

no intoxicating effect

Unlike the drug, hemp does not create a euphoric effect.

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Therabis in the Wild

From a mountainous hike to an afternoon stroll to chilling at home - let us know where Therabis has helped your pet to go.

Introducing NEW and IMPROVED Veterinarian Line Formula for Therabis Pet Chews! ALL SALES FINAL.