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Thinking About Adopting an Older Dog?

Senior Dogs for Adoption Most animal shelters are filled with older dogs, a lot of them healthy and active, that are in need of a...


Osteoarthritis in Dogs: A Primer

Identify Signs of Osteoarthritis in Dogs As our dogs age, the wear and tear of all the runs in the park, jumping for frisbees, and...


What About Dogs and Cold Weather?

Cold Weather Tips for Dogs Whether your dog loves being out in the cold weather, or they would rather cuddle up by the fire –...


Rethinking a Puppy for Christmas? Pets as Gifts

Why You Shouldn’t Give Someone a Puppy for Christmas Unless it has been well-thought, researched, and planned for – giving pets as gifts is not...


5 Great Holiday Gifts for Pets

Best Gifts for Pets The holidays are not only a time to be shopping for your human loved ones, but for your canine ones too....


Top 5 Restaurants That Are Dog Friendly

5 of the Most Dog Friendly Restaurants Across the Country There are plenty of very dog friendly cities across the United States, but some go...


How Do You Stop Leash Aggression in Dogs?

It is the time of year where we see monsters, ghosts, and other creatures decorating the yards of our neighbors. Do you ever feel like...


How Do You Maintain Joint Health For Dogs?

As your dog ages, the wear and tear of their active lifestyle can begin to take a toll on their joints. It is most often...


What Are The Easiest Dogs To Own?

Whether you are a first-time dog owner or you have had dogs your whole life, you may be looking for a calm breed of dog that tends...


Is Your Dog Scared of Everything? Calm & Quiet Tips

Do you have a scared dog? A nervous dog can be stressed by one or many stimuli and, in some cases, react dramatically. The best news?...