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Is Dog Lotion A Thing? Vet Help for Itchy Dog

Dogs can have skin issues just like humans. Visiting your veterinarian to seek help for your dog’s skin issues is super common; so common, in fact, that...


The Buzz on Therabis | Therabis Reviews

We’ve been getting a ton of buzz lately. Bloggers across the US have been talking about Therabis and how it’s helped their dogs realize a...


The 7 Best Ways to Support Skin Health For Your Itchy Dog in 2017

Do you have an itchy dog? Is your dog licking its paws, scratching, biting or chewing incessantly? Knowing the cause of skin conditions in dogs helps...


What Can Oxytocin Do For You and Your Dog?

To dedicated dog owners, our furry companions feel more like children or family members than household pets. There is no debating the connection between you...


Pet Wellness Tips for a Happy and Healthy Dog

Focus on Pet Wellness and Enjoy a Healthy Pet For animal moms and dads, pet health is top of mind. Just like human wellness, taking...


What Are The Most Common Summer Dog Injuries?

For a while now, we’ve been encouraging you to #GrabTheLeash and head outdoors with your dog. But there are some common injuries that you should...


Tips to be Ready for Fall Season

Even though summer is still in full swing, many dog owners are anxiously anticipating fall’s arrival because that’s when their dog’s seasonal struggles kick into gear....


Summer Road Trip Tips For Bringing Your Dog

It is the season of summer road trips. If you’re thinking you’d like to #GrabTheLeash and hit Route 66 or whatever beautiful stretch of asphalt near you...


How Can You Help Your Dog Cope On The 4th of July?

Fourth of July is an exciting holiday for humans, but may cause distress in your furry family members. Between the fireworks, car rides, loud parties,...


What’s Causing My Dog’s Itching This Summer?

There are a number of different allergens in the world, each of which peaks at different times of the year.  Here are the culprits that...