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What Are The Summer Stressors For Your Dog?

Summer is the season of barbecues, fun and sun for you.  But for your dog, summer introduces a lot of distress he doesn’t have the...


Announcing New Therabis Chewable Supplements

Therabis nutritional hemp supplements have been supporting dogs with their skin health, joint health, and a calm demeanor for nearly a decade. But sometimes your...


How Can You Best Care for your Senior Dog?

Just like you, when your dog ages their health needs change. It’s important to know when your dog is reaching his senior years, and what...


Five Commands to Teach your New Puppy

Teaching a puppy these basic commands is not only entertaining, it can be important in establishing your superior/subordinate relationship and indeed lead to a better-behaved...


What Are The Best Ways to Calm your Dog This Summer?

There are a lot of stressors unique to the summer months – but fortunately there are a lot of ways to help your dog with...


What Are The Best Tricks to Teach Your Dog?

Teaching your dog tricks can be one of the more rewarding parts of having a dog. What’s even better, most dogs love to do it...


How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is In Discomfort?

There are many ways to tell your dog is injured. Like all animals, dogs feel it when they’re hurt. But eons of evolution have taught...


What Are The Best Outdoor Activities For Your Dog?

The best outdoor activities for your dog will be based on a lot of things. Like you, different dogs have different preferences, different physical abilities,...


5 Tips To Help Dogs With Their Joint Health

As your dog ages, things that were once second nature can become an effort – running becomes a stiff walk, and jumping on their favorite...


What Are The Most Common Skin Problems in Dogs?

Skin problems can vary from breed to breed, where some dog breeds are more susceptible to skin problems.  The climate where you live can also have...