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Therabis Veterinarian Line For Dogs

If your dog had thumbs and could shop online, they would enter serious credit card debt buying our supplements. Luckily, they don't have thumbs. Because they're dogs.

Calming Chews

empower your dog to stay calm throughout the day

Dogs are pack animals, so living a domestic life without their “pack leader” can be stressful. In fact, even smaller lap dogs can feel anxious. Our Veterinarian line formula is second to none. Each pouch contains 60 Calm and Quiet Chews for a 30 day supply to help your pup cope with this stress.

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Calm and Quiet Powders

empower your dog to stay calm throughout the day

Hearing your dog cry as you leave for work is now a thing of the past. At Therabis, we've formulated Calm and Quiet Powders to easily integrate as part of your dog's daily routine. With individual serving packets, your dog will experience a calm serenity every day.

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