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How Do Green-Lipped Mussel Support Dog Joint Health?

How Do Green-Lipped Mussel Support Dog Joint Health?
What is the green-lipped mussel? Joint health for dogs Renowned for being rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, green-lipped mussel is a potent ingredient for maintaining joint health for dogs. The green-lipped mussel is a bivalve mollusk, like a clam, farmed in New Zealand. The New Zealand green-lipped mussel industry possesses some of the highest quality control regulations in the world. The farmers grow, harvest, and process the green-lipped mussel to make oils, powders, and other nutritional supplements that you may encounter in your local store. How green-lipped mussel can help your dog's joint health Green-lipped mussel can be an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as minerals such as calcium and zinc that are essential for maintenance of provide support for dog joint health. Supplementing your dog’s health regimen with non-defatted green-lipped mussel powder provides your dog with a natural source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, lipids, chondroitin sulfate, glycogen and many other vitamins and minerals to promote healthy joints. For the best support, find non-defatted The quality of green-lipped mussel products available to consumers can vary greatly. The fatty acid and mineral content is highest in “non-defatted” green-lipped mussel. The process of de-fatting includes pressing the mussel to remove the oils prior to freeze-drying and grinding into a powder. This process, of course, presses out the valuable omega fatty acids – taking their health benefits with them. Incorporating green-lipped mussel into their daily health regimen can help support many areas of your dog's health – especially when the green-lipped mussel works in concert with whole-plant hemp. And when they feel better, you feel better!