Stop the Itch Chews

Supplement for Dogs

Stop the Itch Chews

Supplement for Dogs

support your dog’s skin and coat health

about stop the itch chews for dogs

With a Vegan bacon flavor, Therabis Stop the Itch Chews are dog approved and highly palatable. Each pouch contains 60 Stop The Itch Chews for a 30 day supply to be given during or after meal time.

• Support healthy skin and coat when challenged by seasonal and other allergies

• Research Driven Formula

• Natural


Natural hemp oil, Bromelain, Quercetin, Green-lipped mussel, Vitamin C, Chromium, Molasses, Hemp powder, & Natural flavoring

3g (Small) 4.5mg (Medium) or 6mg (Large) of Broad Spectrum Hemp

Bromelain & Quercetin

Green Lipped Mussel

Stop the Itch Powders easily integrates into your dog's daily health regimen.


In morning, tear open the Therabis packets.


Pour the powder during or after meal time.


Allow your pet to enjoy the benefits of a natural formula for their skin and coat.