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Top 5 Restaurants That Are Dog Friendly

Top 5 Restaurants That Are Dog Friendly
5 of the Most Dog Friendly Restaurants Across the Country There are plenty of very dog friendly cities across the United States, but some go above and beyond in their array of restaurants that are dog friendly as well. If you are a dog owner, I’m sure you find yourself searching “dog friendly restaurants near me” every time the weather gets nice and you want to go dine al fresco with your pup by your side. Below are five of the top dog friendly restaurants in different cities across the country.   Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me
  • Ray’s and Starks in Los Angeles, CA
The executive chef loved making food for his own dogs so much, that he decided to make an entire menu just for our furry friends at his restaurant. They offer a dog-friendly “Barky Brunch” every Sunday where dogs can order items from Pizza Crust to Watermelon Sorbet.
  • Cane Rosso in Carrollton, TX
With a restaurant literally named “red dog” in Italian, the owners ensure pups are treated to fresh water and dog biscuits. But the puppy love doesn’t stop there – the restaurant also has its own rescue program called Cane Rosso Rescue and hosts events where local shelters are invited to bring adoptable dogs to meet potential parents.
  • H.S.O Eatery + NanoBrewery in Phoenix, AZ
You may not think Phoenix offers a great selection of restaurants that are dog friendly, because of the extreme heat you’d be subjected to on a patio with your pup, but O.H.S.O satisfies owners and dogs alike with their range of amenities and menu items. While the pet parents enjoy one of the 30 beers on tap, the dogs can enjoy homemade dog biscuits, fresh water, a dog shower, convenient hooks for leashes, and of course a lot of other pup pals!
  • Filini in Chicago, IL
This Chicago hot spot wanted to offer dogs something more than just a water bowl, so they created a special dog friendly menu (only $5 an item) including The Wagging Tail (grilled chicken & chopped carrots) and the Bad to the Bone Burger (burger with cheese and bacon). They are even thinking of your dog’s balanced diet – aiming for enough protein and vegetables in each dish.  In case this isn’t civilized enough, your dog will also get its own water bowl and placemat.
  • Bistro Chat Noir in New York, NY
With the ideal location, just a block from Central Park, this NY restaurant is the perfect place to accommodate furry friends. They have been a neighborhood go-to for quite some time, in large part because they are consistently recognized as one of the most dog friendly restaurants in New York City. With an array of treats, toys, and an endless supply of fresh water, the outdoor patio setting could not get much better after a walk around the park.   BONUS LOCATION: Since we are located in the wonderful state of Colorado, we had to also give you one of our favorite dog friendly restaurants in our hometown. Although it is hard to pass up a good dog friendly brewery in this city (Denver Beer Co is fantastic with pups) a great choice for a full-service dog friendly restaurant is The Watering Bowl in Denver, CO. What sets this place apart from others is its enormous outdoor space complete with drinking water, pools of water for splashing, balls, and other toys – essentially making it a turfed dog play place that happens to serve great food and drinks for the owners. Good restaurants that are dog friendly can be hard to come by at times, especially depending on where you live. The dog friendly restaurants we mention are only a select few of the long list of accommodating and delicious places to take your pup. Taking your dog with you while you dine shows how much you truly want them to be by your side. Another thing you can do to show your dog you care is to check out our natural whole hemp wellness products. Our products can be helpful in many ways, for instance if you want to be able to take your dog with you to brunch, but they are typically just too rowdy and rambunctious in public – try out the Calm & Quiet product when you want to bring your dog to one of the many dog friendly restaurants near you.