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How Can You Help Your Dog Cope On The 4th of July?

How Can You Help Your Dog Cope On The 4th of July?
Fourth of July is an exciting holiday for humans, but may cause distress in your furry family members. Between the fireworks, car rides, loud parties, or being away from them while celebrating with friends, there are a lot of stressors that could trigger your dog’s stress. Luckily there are many ways to help your dog feel safe and sound, something every loving dog owner wants. Let’s explore a few ways to help your dog cope:

Hemp To Support a Calm Demeanor

Designed by a veterinarianTherabis creates safe and effective hemp products to support a calm demeanor, joint health and skin health. Try using Therabis Calm And Quiet  to support a calmer dog this fourth of July. Check out the many locations you can pick up Therabis or order it online now to have it in hand by July 4th.

Feed your Dogs Early in the Day

An anxious pup can mean a sick pup. Eating right before an distressing event can sometimes lead to nausea, diarrhea and vomit. To avoid this, feed your dogs early in the day so their stomach will be completely settled by the time firework shows start.

Put your Dogs in a Crate or Quiet Room

Dogs feel safe in their own spaces, a throwback to their pre-domesticated days when they made their own dens. During times of distress, dogs look for a small, dark place. If your dog is crate trained, try putting their crate in a room with a door to mitigate the noise. If your dog is not crate trained, stressful situations are not the time to start that training. Instead, put them in a bathroom or other small, cozy area of your home.

Play relaxing music for your Pup

Sometimes a little distraction can help, especially when it comes to loud noises. If you’ve put your dog in a smaller, comfortable room or their crate, try playing some relaxing music. There are plenty of dog-friendly options on this Youtube channel, from 2-hour playlists to 18-hour playlists.

Try a Dog Thundershirt or Snug T-Shirt

Just like a human baby feels safe in a swaddle, dogs can feel comforted by having mild, constant pressure around them during times of stress. To achieve this constant mild pressure, dog owners can use a snug-fitting t-shirt. If that doesn’t seem to provide enough pressure, try a Thundershirt. Thundershirts were designed by a loving dog owner who wanted to ease their pet’s stress during thunderstorms.