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What Are The Easiest Dogs To Own?

What Are The Easiest Dogs To Own?
Whether you are a first-time dog owner or you have had dogs your whole life, you may be looking for a calm breed of dog that tends to be easier to handle. There are of course ways to calm down an already hyper breed of dog, but some dog breeds are just naturally less-energetic than others. Whether you’re looking for large calm dog breeds or calm dog breeds that don’t shed, below you’ll find a list of what we would consider some of the easiest dogs to own.

Top Calm Dog Breeds

Let’s face it, most of us don’t want our dogs bouncing off the walls 24/7 or running and jumping up every chance they get – well the following dogs are some of the laziest and most calm dog breeds out there.
  1. What are the easiest dogs to own? Bulldogs These dogs may look like they mean business, but they really just want to curl up on the couch with you. They get hot and tired easily, so they prefer the indoors. They also don’t require much grooming at all, making them one of the easiest dogs to own.
  2. What are the easiest dogs to own? Chow Chow With the mane on this dog, you better believe they enjoy the cool indoors and lounging around the house. Although the fluffy pup does require a lot of grooming, they are quite the calm cuddly dog breed.
  3. What are the easiest dogs to own? Basset Hound This floppy-eared dog is gentle and laid-back indoors, but when it gets outside it can sniff and run around for hours. They are still a very calm quiet dog breed, as long as they get their daily walk.
  4. What are the easiest dogs to own? Pug Pugs are playful and social pups but they don’t require much exercise or grooming, making them a perfect little apartment dog.
  5. What are the easiest dogs to own? Cavalier King Charles Spaniel These are very adaptable dogs, happy to be sitting around on the couch or going for long walks with the family. They get along with basically anything, so they are great with children as well.

Most Hyper Dogs

Some people love the hyper, energetic dogs and want their dog to be able to keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle. These types of dogs are great for people who enjoy running, hiking, or being on the go. After all, even hyper dogs can be calmed.
  1. Australian Shepherd These herding dogs are fun, active, and smart. However, their non-stop energy can become destructive without the proper training, challenge, and exercise.
  2. Border Collie They are very intelligent dogs, both mentally and physically. They can get bored easily so they do need ample exercise or an energetic occupation to keep them busy.
  3. Labrador Retriever This highly athletic pup was bred for swimming and running outdoors, so it can get into trouble easily. But they are relatively easy to train and are a great dog for the family.
Whether you are in search of the calm, quiet dog breeds or the most hyper dog breeds, all dogs have their random spurts of energy - perhaps at the most inopportune times. Once you know how to support a calm demeanor in your dog no matter the breed, your dog will be one of the easiest dogs to own.